50g MK2 (Colombian Cocaine Flakes) Best Purity laboratory tested.

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Buy Colombian cocaine 

This product offers the best value for money you will find 😉

It is by far our best selling product in terms of sales volumes. It comes from our pure Columbiana flakes blended with benzocaine to offer a superior pure high at a truly affordable price.

Strongly compressed cocaine – usually in the form of a stone with a small amount of powder.

Origin – Our pure cocaine in the form of Columbiana flakes.

Mix – Only premium quality benzocaine

Orders are  sent as soon as possible, by 1st class mail, in vacuum packaging and in hidden packaging.


8 reviews for 50g MK2 (Colombian Cocaine Flakes) Best Purity laboratory tested.

  1. 420star

    Trust was what I never gotten from online buying, you make me feel like I have been missing a lot, 50g of cocaine was delivered to me today, I was suprise when my daughter called me I got a package, I asked her to unveil it, that she did and it was my stuff, I will finally trust you guys after a couple of transactions successfull, some guys use to ship first order and when you gain trust and send money the second time, they don’t pick nor text you anymore. Great job

  2. Zeonofoko clave

    Best great cocaine it has been on a good market , my dude keep feeling irea , purity high , nice delivered . Zeonofoko trusted.

  3. Geogray cokie

    Well trusted, I took the coke I got here to a testing machine and it gave me thesam Purity I was told it got , some vendors still my funds and shipped me a poor Purity coke , that made not to trust any vendor but you proved me wrong to day .

  4. Jenifer gauefines

    You have found me , just the Purity of your coke , gives me the love to work with you, bro hit this guys for coke best Purity they got wahooo

  5. Terence vandam

    500g of coke was gotten from here after my wife has made couple of orders successfully delivered, well trusted.

  6. Nosofrange detokse

    Got you on YouTube comments section it was great looking at your store.

  7. Kowery Solange

    Coke is of good Purity and can be substituted.

  8. Method guy 420

    High quality products best and fast delivery

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