Buy acetyl fentanyl powder online, 99.8% Purity (Pharma Grade And Lab Tested)

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We are offering Acetyl fentany Powder, 99.8% Purity (Pharmaceutical Grade and Lab Tested) and Premium Qualitya

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Buy acetyl fentanyl powder online

The drug was first synthesized in the late 60s but has been increasingly available around 2010. Acetyl Fentanyl has been associated with deaths. Buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder now.

Acetyl Fentanyl is also available in street name white china. You might encounter other familiar names such as Hydrochloride as well.  The drug goes for around 350-13500 dollars.

You can buy acetyl Fentanyl powder online easily. It is a mu-opioid receptor agonist (EC50 = 676 nM in vitro) with receptor binding characteristics similar to that of morphine. It is famous for processing impurity in the opioid analgesic, Fentanyl (EC50 ~30 nM) synthesis.

Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

People can remotely refer to Acetyl fentanyl as a chemical derivative of Acetanilide. These two compounds are by no way synonymous. Acetanilide has a different history as a severe analgesic that eventually led to the acetaminophen discovery. Acetanilide, N-1-Phenethyl-4-Piperidyl also known as Acetyl Fentanyl can indicate to the ordinary person that their possible terms exist for the same compound (due to the comma after Acetanilide). The product is a qualified Reference Material (RM) manufactured and tested to satisfy Guide 34 and ISO17025 guidelines. These items are checked using validated analytical ways on adequate instrumentation to make sure the measurements can be traced. Buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

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5 reviews for Buy acetyl fentanyl powder online, 99.8% Purity (Pharma Grade And Lab Tested)

  1. Tonimotadi flower

    Fentanyl was delivered to me ,but you delivered my package two days after the agreement date I am glad it was delivered but not happy for the time delay for I got some guys that where waiting for the package on the date agreed but I failed to delivered on the accepted date which caused them to travel .

  2. Drug meme

    After a great review I saw on this site on Google, I was interested to do good business with them I tried my first order of 10g, it was delivered overnight , I was like wahoo it seems I have gotten the type of person I have been looking for to make money with, after I sold it out, I placed the second order, this type it was 20g still ship overnight, trust was built I when further to contact Roland for a bulk order of 100g , bro this guy took my money and he never showed up, when I contacted the service center directly from the site,I was made to understand this guy was dismissed for thief , I was asked to provide prove of transaction and payment, I could provide it but was blame for dealing outside the site, I was given three days to get Roland pay back my money and that was done, I had to place the order directly from the site and after two days it was delivered, advise to all buyers, deal directly on the site no matter what let no one convince you to do business outside the site. Much appreciated.

  3. Leonidas chemonie

    Much love guys good Purity , please do work on the price it’s expensive, step it down. Thanks

  4. Jenifer fantoga

    Truly we fine it difficult to get this in Australia, when I placed the order of 50 grams at some point I asked for a refund because I was sceptical about the Australia customs, I was made to understand that a full refund will be make to me if package not received, I became calm with it , after four I was surprised having six different packages delivered just for me to unveil it all is the fentanyl powder you guys a really professional. Once again thanks

  5. Newzeal boss

    It almost has thesame grate with alfentanil. Please may I know were you get this from or how you guys make it , is of very good of color and Purity, how I wish you where here in new- Zealand. Please really need to know more about it I haven’t been long on the business for is really tough to buy from a long distance and get it delivered successfully, I appreciate your efforts, I wasn’t all that sure it will get here successfully that’s the more reason I insisted for 50g for a start, am just saying to myself if I could see it this way I could have ordered 250g at once, please prepare for 250g and put all your best on it to be delivered successfully, dude if this comes successfully I will be ordering 300g every week , that way you will make a lot of money trust me . Sorry I won’t use my real information here for security purposes.

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